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At CJ Labs we make sure that our manufacturing process operates at standards that exceed industry requirements to guarantee quality and safety in our supplements. 


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Morbi viverra justo

Our Process Is clean and safe


Raw Materials

We source all high-quality raw materials including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural or synthetic ingredients using a rigorous supplier vetting process. This involves identifying reliable suppliers and continually testing their raw materials to ensure they meet our required quality standards


Custom Formula Development

Our expert team offers fully customized formula development by determining the appropriate amount of each ingredient needed to create the desired effect, as well as taking into account any potential interactions or side effects. We use research, data, and decades of experiences to ensure maximum safety and efficacy in our custom formulas.


Batch Production

We create master records that include every detail about your product and the ingredients and processes required to manufacture it. This may involve the mixing of raw materials together in a specific order and using specialized equipment to ensure a consistent and accurate dose of each ingredient. Each batch is executed using a Batch Manufacturing Record to ensure complete transparency and traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process. The manufacturing process is carefully controlled and monitored to ensure that the final product meets all quality standards.


Quality Control

Every batch we produce is subjected to a series of quality control tests before, during, and after batch production takes place. This includes testing the supplement for purity, potency, contaminants, appearance and texture and ensures that all proper procedures have taken place. Our quality testing process involves testing for potency, purity, and quality using various analytical techniques such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC). If the batch fails any of these tests, it is rejected, and the manufacturing process is repeated until the final product meets all quality standards. Every process that we engage in the manufacturing of supplements happens under the guidance of unique Standard Operated Procedures (SOPs) that we have developed and continually update to improve quality and efficiency.


Packaging and Labeling

Once the batch has passed all quality control tests, it is packaged and labeled with our client’s labels and ready for distribution. The packaging must be appropriate for the product, and the label must include all the necessary information, such as the ingredients, recommended usage, and any warnings or precautions.

By following strict manufacturing processes and procedures, CJ Labs supplement manufacturing helps to ensure that consumers receive high-quality and safe products.


Master Batch Manufacturing Record

The Master Batch Manufacturing Record is an important aspect of the supplement manufacturing process. It specifies the exact ingredients, quantities, and manufacturing processes and necessary conditions used to create the supplement.

At CJ Labs, our Master Batch Manufacturing Record involves several steps, including creating the ideal manufacturing conditions, selecting appropriate ingredients, and testing the formula for efficacy and safety. The Master Batch Manufacturing Record must be standardized and validated to ensure consistent quality in every batch.

The Master Batch Manufacturing Record is the benchmark against which all subsequent batches are compared. This helps ensure that each batch of supplements is identical in terms of its composition and potency, which is crucial for maintaining the efficacy and safety of the product.

The Master Batch Manufacturing Record is also used as a reference sample to ensure that each batch meets the required standards for quality and purity. Once a Master Batch Manufacturing Record has been established, it serves as a template for future manufacturing runs. This helps ensure that the product is consistent and reliable, and that it meets the required standards for quality, potency, and purity.

In addition to consistency and quality, the Master Batch Manufacturing Record can also help streamline the manufacturing process. This can be especially important in the supplement industry, where speed-to-market is critical to stay competitive.

In summary, the Master Batch Manufacturing Record is an essential aspect of the supplement manufacturing process at CJ labs. It serves as a benchmark for consistency, quality, and potency and helps streamline the manufacturing process. By establishing a Master Batch Manufacturing Record, CJ Labs supplement manufacturers can ensure that our products are reliable.

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